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There is always somebody else! I'm pretty crazy. Well, totally off my head. I don't care about anything I do, just as long as I'm smiling and having a good time. I don't give a shit what people think of me. I can be bitchy, rude, nasty and snidy, but usually I'm a lovely person and get on with people very well. I'm very confident and bubbly, outgoing. I can't trust anyone and I don't regret anything I've ever done. Nothing phases me either, weirdly considering all the shit I've been through you'd probably expect me to be suicidal. I love listening to music, sleeping.I prefer cold to hot. With love I'm very specific and not at all naive. I know what guys want and I know exactly how they think they'll get it. I usually fuck them off before they do it. I like to be in a massive crowd but there's nothing better than being on your own in the quiet with your best friend. I smoke, drink, do drugs sometimes. I do what I want and love what I do. It wouldn't bother me if I died, as long as I go to heaven knowing I'd done everything I wanted to do. I like my boobs and hair colour/style. Ask me anything you like, I'm also very honest.? :)

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Ime i prezime: :P
(S)pol: ženski
Godište: 1991
Država: Bosna i Hercegovina
Grad/mjesto: Gračanica
Zanimanje: student
Interesovanja: (podatak nije unesen)
Datum registracije: 22/01/2012
Posljednji put bila online: prije 2 godine 1 mjesec
Profil posljednji pregledao/la: TwistedPsykie

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