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WANTED: moral compass reader

post objavio/la timclancy prije 7 godina 11 mjeseci na blogu Čiste namjere / Pure Intent

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you're absolutely right.

plus - in addition to the 'screw everyone else but me and i won't care', there's another golden rule = 'screw me too, but if i can screw you over even more then we're good'.

Objavio/la ahava prije 7 godina 11 mjeseci #

I've just discovered you're back... been reading throught your last posts.... keep writing, I believe there are lot of people like me, which are glad to see you back...

Objavio/la menes prije 7 godina 11 mjeseci #

It's stunning, but it happens all the time. Myself, I always say it, and name it. When I can do it without emotions, that's a success. One step at a time.

Objavio/la privremena prije 7 godina 11 mjeseci #

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