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post objavio/la matthew prije 12 godina 7 mjeseci na blogu Ambasadorov dnevnik

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I have been here for a very long time. I have seen my fair share of ambassador's come and go. Some have been nice folks. Some not so much. Many have implemented political policies that i feel were disastrous for this country.

I must admit that i once carried a fair deal of prejudice towards high ranking political figures from the west. I certainly have been right about some but I have, nonetheless, learned a great lesson over the past few years. Regardless of the politics created from London, Washington, Paris or Moscow the people sent to represent these particular government policies are, quite simply, just like you and me. They are people that laugh a similar laugh and cry a similar cry.

They are not monsters, conspirators or heroes. They are ordinary, and even occasionally extra ordinary, individuals sent on a mission on behalf of their country.

Perhaps more to the point - Matthew Rycroft and his family.

Matthew is, in my view, hands down the kindest, cleverest, most competent, honest and compassionate Ambassador that has ever served in Bosnia and Herzegovina. He has done remarkable things for this country and has shown a world class touch for diplomacy...good diplomacy. And the things he has done he hasn't done just in the name of Great Britain. It is the character of the man and the lovely family by his side that has a vision for a country that he feels deeply about.

He sees its great potential.

He feels its tremendous energy.

And understands how incredibly difficult it can be to harvest all of this.

I know i am appearing a tad dramatic here, but i am compassionate and often harshly critical regarding the role of the international community here. So its only fair to show my thanks and appreciation to a man that has taken this country close to heart and done all in his power to make this a better place.

Remember friends...Gil Scot Heron said 'nobody can do everything, but everybody can do something. Gotta work for peace.' Matthew Rycroft has done that. Thank you kind sir. Our doors are always open when you care to rejoin us.

Objavio/la timclancy prije 12 godina 7 mjeseci #

Neka tuga postane nada! Neka osveta bude pravda! Neka
majcina suza bude molitva! Da se nikome nikad ne
ponovi Srebrenica!!!!

11.07.1995 - 11.07.2008....

Objavio/la Schwabo13 prije 12 godina 7 mjeseci #

Genocid u Srebrenici - Dokumentarna hronologija dešavanja u i oko Srebrenice, 1995. godine, tada zaštićene zone UN-a. Podsjećanje na genocid, stradanje, nečovječnost i inertnost ... - 15k - Cached - Similar pages

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