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post objavio/la hilal prije 8 godina 7 mjeseci na blogu Pa, koju blagodat Gospodara svoga poričete ?

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„Aquaintance with The Glorious Quran“ by Farzaneh Zanbaqi

An~Naba (The Tidings)

This surrah, The Tidings, was revealed in Mecca and has 40 verses. The word „Naba“ means „tiding“ or „the great news“. This surrah takes its name from its second verse.

What is the news?

The Holy Prophet, may peace be upon him and his descendants, was appointed prophet at the time when people had abandoned worshiping The One God, and had taken to worshiping lifeless idols. They had even turned Kaa'ba, the God's House, into an idol-house. The Holy Prophet (p.b.u.h.) invited people to theism and asked them to leave off worshiping totems and idols and to only worship the One God – the God Who everyone's return is to Him, and all people are to be present at His court in the Day of Resurrection. On the Judgement Day, everyone having done good deeds will be rewarded, and whoever having done wrong shall receive punishment. The Prophet's words were interesting and amazing to the people. They uttered various questions about the One God and the Resurrection Day. Most of them did not believe that the dead will rise again, and a great deal of talk and argument was raised by them, and there was much argument among them over this matter.
The Kind God says in Quran:

In the Name of Allah,
The Beneficient, The Merciful

What are they questioning one another about?
About the great tidings over which they are
all in disagreement? (It is not as they say) And
doon they shall find out. Verily, they shall soon
(Verses 1-5)

Objavio/la Iostris prije 8 godina 7 mjeseci #

selam alejkum

Objavio/la sabahhajrula prije 8 godina 7 mjeseci #

Samo da te poselamim ;-)

Objavio/la nahla prije 8 godina 7 mjeseci #

We alejkumu selam :-)

Objavio/la hilal prije 8 godina 7 mjeseci #

Esselamu alejkum we rahmetullahi te'ala we berekatuhu.
Pridružimo se grupi koja osuđuhe i protestira zbog onih koji vrijeđaju Poslanika s.a.w.s.
link ispod;


Objavio/la abdurrahmans prije 8 godina 7 mjeseci #

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