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post objavio/la AYSA prije 13 godina 5 mjeseci na blogu S T A R T R E K

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super je serija i ja pratim

Objavio/la mustangshelby prije 13 godina 5 mjeseci #

Kakav je fol sa biogelovima?

Objavio/la animahl prije 13 godina 5 mjeseci #

eh, znam da taj "fol" se koristi za uklanjanje zagadjenja ili nesto slicno.... ne znam o tome bas puno... moracu se edukovati :)

Objavio/la AYSA prije 13 godina 5 mjeseci #

Geometric soliton surfing and tensor pendulum routing offield mathere roaming a cosmic torque proximal to distal cyclonic Vortex gauge Interflow spatial time differential device so to check if the linear time axillary atomic integrity, disposition, density congruent, bias motion coexistent formation, deformed entanglement reconstructed computations would sucking the resources out of our solar system and mutate reprocusions into time through space.
So go ahead atomic reassembly subatomic reassignments concerning spatial subatomic harmonic displacement relativity. Matter manufactured this place is the overall astronomic volume and density characteristics and it's coexistent gravitational force now you have a whole new metric on your hands and resource assignments listed so long that the thought of it would disappear into History. Progression of matter has a time signature assignment. Shows where it has been how old it is what it's done where it's going what it is what it was what it's morphologic intent through progression will be beyond that the coexistence interlocking stage progressions radiates without containment variable. Lost in Space. That's why space distortion has a time dilation.

Objavio/la Gost_4021 prije 3 godine 6 mjeseci #

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