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post objavio/la Dewd prije 7 godina 4 mjeseca na blogu The Dewd's

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your post gives another angle to the problem, but I'm still not convinced the famous marriage sentence should be constitutionally determined.
As I see it, recognizing the marriage problem as constituional issue is approvigng/confirming ideology being part of Constitution.
Croatian Constitution says Croatia is a secular state. Be that said, religious definition of marriage, or for that matter any other issue, does not belong to that document, or does it?

Objavio/la graciasalavida prije 7 godina 4 mjeseca #

Of course it doesn't belong in the constitution of any state. Nothing outside all people equal. But it was less than 100 years ago when women struggled for the right to vote, 50 years ago since MLK's dream... The rights and freedoms seldom come without a fight.

Objavio/la Dewd prije 7 godina 4 mjeseca #

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