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post objavio/la Dewd prije 6 godina na blogu The Dewd's

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You're kidding me? Alec and Tracy rules! Oh SNL, avid viewer since 1997!

Objavio/la 999 prije 6 godina #

Yeah, but Stewart and Colbert? I don't even miss them. I still think they're among the smartest men in US but I just don't care anymore about Fox bullshit, republican bullshit, government bullshit etc...

Live from New York...

Objavio/la Dewd prije 6 godina #

I used to watch them, too,stopped, and don't miss them as well. I believe, the last thing I saw from them is their live show or rally or something like that from DC a year or 2 years ago. Well, I believe they are both analyst and attorneys by profession, aside from their comic portrayal, they have to be smart. I stopped carrying about politics looong time ago. I got no saying in it, anyway.

Objavio/la 999 prije 6 godina #

Oh, I WAS on that rally (I held the transparent: The Dewd minds! This will not stand, man...! I went to Smithsonian Air & Space too.

Objavio/la Dewd prije 6 godina #

lookin awesomely dangerous (gore) :)

'taaa ce snijeg...

Objavio/la iluzija prije 6 godina #

Well, the city was spared this time or as our major would say: we dodged a bullet.

Objavio/la Dewd prije 6 godina #

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