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Fuck That Shit

post objavio/la Dewd prije 8 godina 8 mjeseci na blogu The Dewd's

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haha! little bit of fuck this shit, little bit of fuck that shit

Objavio/la 999 prije 8 godina 8 mjeseci #

You're right...As a woman I have a full right to make my own choices in life...No matter what religion or not I follow, God made us free...These TV commercials (cannot avoid them noticed they're at every channel...) are making me sick...It shows us, no matter where we live, these hypocrite political pre-election races are nothing but bunch of crap at advanced level...By the way, ot, I like your blog NYC postcards...;)

Objavio/la jenix prije 8 godina 8 mjeseci #

Niner: This and that.
Jenix: Oh, you should see my FB page. I'm uploading that stuff right out of blackberry.

Objavio/la Dewd prije 8 godina 8 mjeseci #

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