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post objavio/la Dewd prije 8 godina na blogu The Dewd's

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You know what is the scariest thing? Four years ago we were rooting for him to win, to change (even though we knew the change wasn't going to be sudden and easy, and still nothing happened!), and now we secretly and hopelessly are still rooting for him to win because he is lesser of two evil! Bullcrap! FYI, I'm not a registered voter and I hold a diploma in Political Science! Bullshit, I tell you! I've seen what Clinton did-bull! I've seen what Bush did-double bull! I've seen what Obama didn't do! Hell, I'm moving back to Europe!

Objavio/la 999 prije 8 godina #

Oprosti sto sam danas touchy feely!

Objavio/la 999 prije 8 godina #

Forgetaboutit! I'm good here.

Objavio/la Dewd prije 8 godina #

I know but at least I can have a cup of capuccino around 1 pm in a cafe, in peace!

Objavio/la 999 prije 7 godina 11 mjeseci #

What? You can have that here too. Even at 3am!

Objavio/la Dewd prije 7 godina 11 mjeseci #

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