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Kunica, ranjenik, stolist, hajdučka trava, duizenblad (hiljadulist)

post objavio/la reuw prije 11 godina 8 mjeseci na blogu Leteci Holandjanin

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moja mater samo u čubru vjeruje :)

Objavio/la umorni prije 11 godina 8 mjeseci #

@ umorni: U koju čubru? U Bosni, centralnoj, čubrom nazivaju majčinu dušicu, a inače čubra i majčina dušica su iz različitih rodava.
@ reuw: Super si obradio temu. Ja upravo koristim sok kunice, koji smo supruga i ja spravili. Na dekubitnu ranu, nakon čišćčenja jodom ili otopinom NaCl nanesen 3-5 kapi soka kunice. U Njemačkoj ima nabaviti mast za rane u kutijama po cca 150 ili 200 ml a na bazi kunice. Imam u frižideru jednu kutiju, jer u Bosni nema nabaviti. Inače, kunica (hajdsučka trava) se koristi za mnoge boljke i nalazi u francuskoj farmakopeji kao provjerena ljekovita biljka iz koje se još proizvode neki lijekovi, premda je njen sastav davno analiziran i te ljekovite sastojine se proizvode sintetizirnim hemijskim metodama. Mislim da je dobro je imati u tzv. kućnoj apoteci, ali i znati primjene, koje su dokazane i ušle u farmakopeju i recepture.

Objavio/la mdjulbic prije 11 godina 8 mjeseci #

Yarrow has seen historical use as a medicine, mainly because of its astringent effects. Decoctions have been used to treat inflammations such as piles (hemorrhoids), and also headaches. Confusingly, it has been said to both stop bleeding and promote it. Infusions of Yarrow, taken either internally or externally, are said to speed recovery from severe bruising. The most medicinally active part of the plant are the flowering tops. They also have a mild stimulant effect, and have been used as a snuff. Today, yarrow is valued mainly for its action in colds and influenza, and also for its effect on the circulatory, digestive, excretory, and urinary systems.

The flowers, rich in chemicals are converted by steam into anti-allergenic compounds. The flowers are used for various allergic mucus problems, including hay fever. Harvest during summer and autumn. Drink the infused flower for upper respiratory phlegm or use externally as a wash for eczema. Inhale for hay fever and mild asthma, use fresh in boiling water.

The dark blue essential oil, extracted by steam distillation of the flowers, is generally used as an anti-inflammatory or in chest rubs for colds and influenza. Massage oil for inflamed joints, dilute 5-10 drops yarrow oil in 25 ml infused St. John's wort oil. A chest rub can be made for chesty colds and influenza, combine with eucalyptus, peppermint, hyssop, or thyme oils, diluting a total of 20 drops of oil in 25 ml almond or sunflower oil.[6]

The leaves encourage clotting, so it can be used fresh for nosebleeds[7]. However, inserting a leaf in the nostril may also start a nosebleed; this was once done to relieve migraines. Harvest throughout the growing season.

The aerial parts are used for phlegm conditions, as a bitter digestive tonic to encourage bile flow, and as a diuretic.[8] The aerial parts act as a tonic for the blood, stimulate the circulation, and can be used for high blood pressure. Also useful in menstrual disorders, and as an effective sweating remedy to bring down fevers. Harvest during flowering. The tincture is used for urinary disorders or menstrual problems. Prescribed for cardiovascular complaints. Soak a pad in an infusion or dilute tincture to soothe varicose veins[citation needed].

Yarrow intensifies the medicinal action of other herbs taken with it,[9] and helps eliminate toxins from the body[citation needed]. It is reported[10] to be associated with the treatment of the following ailments:

Amenorrhea, anti-inflammatory, bowels, bleeding, blood clots, blood pressure (lowers), blood purifier, blood vessels (tones), Catarrh (acute, repertory), colds, chicken pox, circulation, contraceptive (unproven), cystitis, diabetes treatment, digestion (stimulates), dyspepsia, eczema, fevers, flu's, gastritis, glandular system, gum ailments, Heartbeat (slow), influenza, insect repellant, internal bleeding, liver (stimulates and regulates), lungs (hemorrhage), measles, menses (suppressed), menorrhagia, menstruation (regulates, relieves pain), nipples (soreness), nosebleeds, piles (bleeding), smallpox, stomach sickness, toothache, thrombosis, ulcers, urinary antiseptic, Uterus (tighten and contract), varicose veins, vision.

The salicylic acid derivatives are a component of aspirin, which may account for its use in treating fevers and reducing pain. Yarrow tea is also said to be able to clear up a cold within 24 hours.[citation needed] Yarrow has also been used as a Quinine substitute.

Swedish scientists have found that yarrow extract repells mosquitoes. [1]

Yarrow was also used in traditional Native American herbal medicine. Navajo Indians considered it to be a "life medicine", and chewed it for toothaches, and poured an infusion into ears for earaches. Several tribes of the Plains region of the United States used common yarrow. The Pawnee used the stalk for pain relief. The Chippewa used the leaves for headaches by inhaling it in a steam. They also chewed the roots and applied the saliva to their appendages as a stimulant. The Cherokee drank a tea of common yarrow to reduce fever and aid in restful sleep.

Shakers used yarrow for complaints from haemorrhages to flatulence.

In the 1500s, the British herbalist John Gerard recommended it for relieving "swelling of those secret parts."

[edit] Companion planting
Yarrow is considered an especially useful companion plant, not only repelling some bad insects while attracting good, predatory ones, but also improving soil quality[citation needed]. It attracts predatory wasps, which drink the nectar and then use insect pests as food for their larvae. Similarly, it attracts ladybugs and hoverflies. Its leaves are thought to be good fertilizer, and a beneficial additive for compost.

It is also considered directly beneficial to other plants, improving the health of sick plants when grown near them[citation needed].

The purple portion of the root from the white yarrow plant is a natural numbing agent when crushed. Native Americans would often chew this portion of the plant if they had painful open sores in their mouth

Objavio/la reuw prije 11 godina 8 mjeseci #

moj djedj je stavljao u rakiju, onu bijelu planinsku :)))

mdjulbicu samo nadjite dobru travarku, uvijek se nadje neka, mast se pravi kao i sve ostale na bazi svinjske masti ili vazelina, ili opcija sa maslinovim uljem zavisi koji kraj, u Sa ima cak i na netu, meni je pravila gavez-neven svinjska mast
inace od svih homeoproizodjca preferiram holandski vsm

Objavio/la allyssa prije 11 godina 8 mjeseci #

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