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[url=]Electronic intifada[/url]: Losing its Morals and Marbles: Israel's Fight for Lebanon

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16 August 2006

WASHINGTON DC -- Former Israeli General Moshe Ya'alon, the "Butcher of Qana", found it nearly impossible to deliver a briefing on Washington DC's Capitol Hill Monday, August 14th, as he was disrupted again and again by Washington DC based activists. Members of the Coalition for Justice and Accountability drew attention to Ya'alon's leading role in the 1996 shelling of a United Nations Interim Forces in Lebanon (UNIFIL) compound in Qana, Lebanon. Under the supervision of Ya'alon, Israeli armed forces repeatedly targeted the compound, killing 106 civilians and wounding hundreds of others. Ya'alon is currently facing a civil suit in US Federal Court on charges stemming from his involvement in the Qana attack. [MORE]

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What do Lebanese want? Lebanese Public Opinion. Well, there is a new public opinion survey released by the Beirut Center (thanks Abdo for sending it to me). Quite revealing. 72 % of Lebanese believe that the resistance (a reference to Hizbullah) came out victorious from this war (70.8% of Sunnis; 96.3% of Shi`ites; 62.8% of Druzes; and 59.7% of Christians. To the question "Was the Israeli war on Lebanon due to the capture of two Israeli soldiers or to a premeditated plan, 84.6% of Lebanese believed it was due to a premeditated plan (81% of Sunnis; 97.2% of Shi`ites; 76.7% of Druzes; and 79.7% of Christians). 25.5% of Lebanese believe in the possibility of "peace with Israel" (21.3% of Sunnis; 1.9% of Shi`ites; 32.6% of Druzes; and 41.9% of Christians.)

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"Summary of IDF airstrikes during Operation Change of Direction:
More than 7,000 targets struck in Lebanon
15,500 sorties flown over Lebanon, including:
More than 10,000 combat missions
2,000 helicopter combat missions (most of them looking for Hasan Dib Nasrallah)

1,000 helicopter search-and-rescue missions
1,200 transport missions
Over 1,300 reconnaissance missions
Summary of IDF naval operations during Operation Change of Direction:
Navy vessels sailed over 8,000 hours along the Lebanese coast
The Navy conducted 2,500 bombardments of targets along the Lebanese coast including missile launch sites, missile launchers, weapons storage sites, coastal roads, other Hezbollah infrastructure, Hezbollah radar installations, and fuel stations and depots
Blockade of Lebanese coast for 33 days, while permitting over 200 vessels through for purposes of evacuating civilians or providing humanitarian aid"

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“Hizbullah was better” — by Israeli war correspondent
Published August 23rd, 2006 in News and Events and Beirut 2006.
Evaluation of the July 2006 War by an Israeli war correspondent.

“The balance sheet of the second Lebanon War certainly does not point to an IDF victory. Even in points, it’s closer to a loss than to an achievement, when taking into account the home front’s extended suffering.”

“However, what happened to us is very similar to the defeat suffered by the American military in Vietnam and Iraq, and to the one suffered by the Soviet Union in Afghanistan and the Russians in Chechnya.”

“I covered some of those wars. I saw from up close how guerilla fighters overcame the most powerful, modern armies in the world because they knew how to fully utilize their intimate familiarity with the war zone and the local population’s support.” Continue to read here.

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