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post objavio/la MissCyrus prije 8 godina 6 mjeseci na blogu Your best fansite about MC. ♥ ♥ ♥

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<h3>About Miley</h3>
Unless you live under a rock, you most probably
know who Miley Cyrus is. Miley Cyrus is an 18
years old singer & actress. She has five siblings
and is the daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus and Tish Cyrus.
You may know her as star in Disney show, Hannah Montana.
She released 8 albums to date and appeared in 7 movies.
Make sure you visit for your daily
dose of Miley news!<p><h3>Projects</h3>
<h4>LOL: Laughing Out Loud</h4>Uloga: Lola<br>Status: Završen<br>Izlazi: 2011<br><br>
<h4>Sex and the City 2</h4>Uloga: Ona<br>Status: Završen<br>Izašao: Maj 27. 2010<br><br>
<h4>The Last Song</h4>Uloga: Ronnie Miller<br>Status: U teatrima<br>Izašao: Mart 31. 2010<br><br>
<p><h3>Important dates</h3><h4>*Tour dates</h4>4/29/11 Quito, Ecuador<br>5/1/11 Lima, Peru<br>5/4/11 Santiago, Chile<br>5/6/11 Buenos Aires, Argentina<br>5/10/11 Asuncion, Paraguay<br>5/13/11 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil<br>5/14/11 Sao Paulo, Brazil<br>5/17/11 Caracas, Venezuela<br>5/19/11 Bogota, Colombia<br>5/21/11 San Jose, Costa Rica<br>5/24/11 Panama City, Panama<br>5/26/11 Mexico City, Mexico<br>6/17/11 Manila, Philippines<br>6/21/11 Brisbane, Australia<br>6/23/11 Melbourne, Australia<br>6/24/11 Melbourne, Australia<br>6/26/11 Sydney, Australia<br>6/27/11 Sydney, Australia<br>6/29/11 Adelaide, Australia<br>7/2/11 Perth, Australia<h4>*Our dates</h4>
11/23/2011 Miley's birthday<br>la/la/2011 My birthday
<p><h3>Elite</h3>[url=]Miley C. & Ashley T.[/url]<br>[url=]Justin Bieber[/url]<br>[url=]Debby Ryan[/url]<br>[url=]Emily Osment[/url]<br>[url=]Demi Lovato[/url]<br>[url=]Selena Gomez[/url]<br><p><h3>P.O.T.M</h3>
<center><a href="";; target="_blank"><img src="";; border="0" alt="Image and video hosted by TinyPic"></a></center>
<p><h3>Design,code</h3>[url=]MileyNews[/url]<br>Ovo je moj prvi
dizajn. Ako uspijem napravicu jos nekoliko,
a naravno ako budu dobri, pravim
po narudžbama.WebMiss <3<p><h3>Posjete</h3>



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// -->


Objavio/la MissCyrus prije 8 godina 5 mjeseci #

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