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Butterflies and Bunnyrabbits blog: Breccia stone layers

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The patterns within the rock shown at the top of this article are nothing more than natural Liesegang banding (rings). Natural Liesegang banding from the "Bosnian Pyramids site" (rings) can also be seen at:

As documented in numerous published papers, they are natural in origin. This is discussed in "Liesegang Banding (Rings) Confuse Another Archaeologist Again" at:,379304,379304#msg-379304

Brief discussions about tehir origin can be found in "Geologic Pattern Formation at

and in "Stone Images" of Polish Geological Institute at:

For other pictures, go see:

1. Liesegang banding in Tapeats Sandstone, Deer Creek, mile 136.3. at:

2. "Liesegang Rings" at:

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