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ispovijesti no1

post objavio/la oslobodi-me prije 3 mjeseca 1 dan na blogu jedno smo drugo prodali!

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sretno <3

Objavio/la magicna prije 2 mjeseca 20 dana #


I am a active reader of your blog and I loved your last story, about how you grew up in a ''traditional'' home.
I am the CEO of a new website called and we are trying to find writers. Bosnia is stuck in this traditional way of thinking, that's why we are trying to set a website up to inspire young woman to get to school. Even though money is the problem, we want to at least try to make it better. Since you are raised in a traditional way I wanted to ask you if you would want to write for me. You can choose your own topics. Of course it would be preferred to write it all down in English, but Bosnian would be great! I can't write Bosnian, that's why you inspired me.

If you are interested you can mail me ;

Lovely regards,

A. B.

At the moment there will be no payments, because we are only starting.

Objavio/la TheNewG prije 2 mjeseca 19 dana #

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