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Konacno u Atini!

post objavio/la atina2006 prije 12 godina 11 mjeseci na blogu

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Stupid Bosnian thingie. I tried to post a comment 3 times now, but it doesn't accept me! Grr! Bitch! :)

Anyway! Here it goes, atrempt 3! I start to miss you guys more and more, espoecially after reading all these things, brings back memoriues, muaha:)

You bitches better have the time fo your lives though! :)) And send me a big huge yet cute postcard! And tell Jonas I am angry for not knowing who I am! :))

Oh, and don't dare to bash Silvía, Tina Karol or Sibel! :)) Take out all of your negative energy out of the Belgian bint :D

Objavio/la prije 12 godina 11 mjeseci #

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