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Bosnian Nationality vs. Bosnian Ethnicity

post objavio/la Sarajevska Princeza prije 8 godina 3 mjeseca na blogu Sarajevska Princeza

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Unfortunately I'm afraid ethnic belonging is everything but irrelevant, as you say in your post. I understand your point: things would be much easier (and peaceful!) if what matters would be nationality -in the sense of citizenship and not of belonging to "a nation" or community.
One of the main theorists of nationalism, Benedict Anderson, calls nations "imagined communities", meaning that a group of people feels they belong to a single group on the basis of common issues such as origin, language, religion, or whatsoever. It is a purely subjective concept, you declare what you feel you are.
I've met many Serbs in Bosnia who declare themselves as Serbs but at the same time Bosnians (not Bosniaks, of course), but proudly born in B&H. Your statement that if born in Bosnia it is false to call them "ethnic Serbs" or "ethnic Croatians" is crazy, as it is the sentence "They are told ( instructed ) to declare themselves as non-Bosnian in ethnicity by Serbian & Croatian nationalists for the purpose of dividing Bosnian territory"... I'm sure you know that there are thousands of people in Montenegro, Serbia (especially in Sandzak) and Kosovo who declare themselves "Bosniaks"... are you as well against them, do you think they are just members of Montenegrin, Serbian or Kosovo nations, and that by declaring themselves Bosniaks they want to divide these territories??? Definitely not, they are simply Muslims, and since the wars most Slav Muslims call themselves Bosniaks. And they have all the right to immagine their own community, as Serbs or Croats do (or Albanians, Spaniards, Basques or any other group).
I completely agree that ethnicity SHOULD be irrelevant, just a set of customs and traditions, a reason for joy in the diversity, but I think your Bosnian patriotism leads you to some wrong conclusions.
Miguel (

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