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What would you do if you were in Srebrenica with your family on July 11, 1995?

post objavio/la Sarajevska Princeza prije 10 godina 7 mjeseci na blogu Sarajevska Princeza

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I love reading your posts. The way you described " What would you do if you were in Srebrenica on July 11? " made a few tears roll over my face. I can not imagine this to happen in Europe. I can see people all over the world are reading your blog. Great job, keep it up.

Objavio/la Tibet prije 10 godina 5 mjeseci #

Dear Sarajevska Princeza. Im a Bosnian woman living in US and I thank you for you effort. Every day I think about all the lost people in our beautiful BiH. Whenever I see my children I think about those mothers who lost theirs. I just hope there is ultimate justice at the end of our journeys because it is not coming any time soon.

Objavio/la Gost_2910 prije 10 godina 4 mjeseca #

Hello Bosnian mother ( Gost 2910 ),

Thanks for the message. Maybe we are not supposed to see it, but justice is already taking the place through the will of the Universe. I believe that good and Justice always prevail at the end and ultimately everything becomes the way it was meant to be.

I do not believe in death as the end but death is a rebirth so to me victims of genocide and ethnic cleansing live now and are very happy surrounded by unconditional Peace and Love, while the living people are truly one that suffer.

I know the guy who was taken 12 times to be killed in Serb held concentration camp. Is he living? No. He is just live body walking with half departed Soul. He was killed 12 times in his Mind, and his Spirit. Then I've seen the Mental institution with so called "Serbian heroes" who beat their own wives to death and stub themselves with knife over and over again.

There is always the justice, some people punish themselves we just do not know about it because they won't tell.

Objavio/la Sarajevska Princeza prije 10 godina 3 mjeseca #

You said that so well. I am still working on myself to try to find inner peace (where I don’t fight with some imaginary Serb asking him why he killed a child in Srebrenica or Sarajevo or why he raped a 12 year old girl). I red somewhere that we can get out or war but the war always stays in us. Your attitude is great and you have “in your face” kind of writing. I like it. Puno pozdrava od Dine iz USA.

Objavio/la \"Bosnian Mother\" gost 2910 (Dina) prije 10 godina 3 mjeseca #

Serbs don't rape 12 year old girls, that's what the muslim "prophet" muhammed did, because he was a sick, evil and demented pedophile.

Furthermore, "bosnians" (ie. bosnian muslims) are just Serbs, they speak Serbian and the Bosnian Kingdom was a Serbian kingdom, just like Zeta, Raska, Montenegro and Serbia. Serbia as "Serbia" is a modern phenomenon. Serbs do not only have 1 country (Serbia), they have Bosnia, Montenegro, Herzegovina and Serbia.

bosnian muslims are Serbs that were forcefully converted to islam, it doesn't take a history major to figure that one out. The greatest bosnian muslim intellectuals and leaders declared themselves as Serbs (example: Mesa Selimovic [Nobel prize winner], Alija Izetbegovic [father of modern muslim fascism in Bosnia] and Emir Kusturica [world known film/movie producer/director])

Greetings from Republika Srpska.

Objavio/la MontenegroCG prije 9 godina 1 mjesec #

If Bosnians are Serbs than Serbs are Turks. Turks were in Bosnia for 500 years so if we will use your analogy, Montenegro CG - than Serbs are actually Turks. 500 hundred years is a long long time. If you really wonder who you are ethnically, there is genetic testing of your DNA that can pretty accurately determine your ethnicity ( who were your ancestors ) and in how many percentages you are Turk, Serb, Croat - or whatever you claim to be, Montenegrin. That's about ancestry if ethnicity is so important to you. Legally however ethnic belonging is irrelevant because nationality is still Bosnian therefore ethnic belonging or how do you feel in Bosnia remains just it, a personal feeling.

Now as of nationality, Bosnian nationals are people born in Bosnia and/or people who declare, willingly chose to be Bosnian by taking Bosnian citizenship, and then they become so called naturalized citizens. Their nationality in Bosnia is then Bosnian. Bosnia is independent country that has its own Bosnian People, Bosnian language, Bosnianherzegovinian culture, flag, currency etc... and all ethnic groups in Bosnia belong to one Bosnian Nation. That is why even Serb ethnic groups have Bosnian nationality in Bosnia, because they were born in Bosnia and are Bosnian citizens.

So for instance you are greeting me from genocidal entity called Srpska after Serbs ethnically cleansed the area from all non-Serbs and moved in... Serbs from Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia and the rest of Balkans - while Bosnians who are by the way multi ethnic and multi religious were either killed or driven away. The entity Srpska, however is still Bosnian territory.

Every country has tons of ethnic groups. Serbs are only one of many many ethnic groups in Bosnia. Serbs in Bosnia are mainly Bosnians of orthodox religion who during the time of conflict and before the conflict were lured by Serbian nationalists to reject Bosnian identity and accept Serbian identity for the purpose of division of Bosnian territory. This ideology reflects Greater Serbia plan that failed. Consequently many Serbs were shooting on their own Bosnian people believing they will be rewarded with whatever their leaders promised them. That also failed. Many are now in the prison serving their sentences for war crimes or on trial such as Montenegrin Radovan Karadzic.

Yugoslavia on the other hand was the union of several already independent republics and were a communistic not democratic country. Republics that were functioning on their own and were already independent then chose not to be the part of the union any longer. It is like getting married and one day deciding to divorce. Nobody owns anyone. They decided to be together and when that union did not work for one or both of them they made decision to separate. The main reason for separation of each Republic has been domination, oppression and nationalism by Serbs in the region. In other words, lack of democracy, exploitation, that led to wars, genocide, and ethnic cleansing, and hit Bosnia the worst.

Now as of Bosnians whom you claim are Serbs... well in the past Serbia did not allow anyone to declare themselves any other way except either Serb or Croat. All other nationalities were either denied, negated or suppressed. That is why the original authentic Bosnian language was called "Serbo-Croatian". But Serbs and Croats have never been only nationalities living in Balkans neither they were ethnically only groups that lived there. I hope this clears your confusion.

Lots of Bosnians were killed in the name of Yugoslavia especially because Serbs were using that term to lure masses and pretend they are fighting the war for everybody. Yeah, right? After military attacks on Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Kosovo nobody believes them any longer.

As of religion, Bosnians are multi religious. Serbs are conditioned to dislike everyone including Catholics, Jews, Muslims, Albanians, Bosnians, Croats, Slovenians, Americans, and basically anyone who is not a Serb. You can hardly find someone that Serbs like! ( Except Russians maybe or orthodoxy ) Serbs did rape young women in Balkans, and there is no justification for that. The evidence of such horrible crimes committed against innocent children including testimonies by various victims presented in the Court in Hague is overwhelming. As I indicated in one of my posts many in Serbia deny genocide and ethnic cleansing because their media and political structure is highly nationalistic and don't allow people to see the facts. People are consistently fed wih false informationa and false history that results in Serbs being overly agressive and intolerant of anyone who is not Serb.

You don't need to be religious to be civilized and to know that you cant possibly rape someone. You are hurting innocent individuals and causing them pain and suffering. This will come back to you in life, it always does. People with IQ do not rape children or helpless women and men just because they are not Serbs. There are also many Serbs who were victims of Serbs because they refused to comply to chetnicks and nationalism. Tons of them all over the world, cant go back to live in peace because their homes were destroyed and families killed by the very same people they belong to. I know a Serbian woman from Belgrade, born and raised in Serbia, Serbian national whose son was taken by Serbs nationalists and placed in a concentration camp together with other non-Serbs because his name was not Serbian! Imagine that frame of mind! The name can not tell you anything about persons character, political convictions, religious beliefs, persons likes or dislikes, yet people with non-Serbian names were killed anyway.

Objavio/la Sarajevska Princeza prije 9 godina #

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